Debbie Parrott

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Lori and I loved seeing your work. We purchased your downy woodpecker painting today. Lori also loved the camera and bee. Please let me know if it is still available. Thank you!!
Peter Schlender - 4 Jun 2023
What a very talented person you are; I'm green with envy.
Stephen Scullion - 7 Nov 2022
What a very talented person you are; I'm green with envy.
Stephen Scullion - 7 Nov 2022
Well done Deb! I particularly like the graffiti work, the trike and "snack time".
Mark Phillimore - 29 Jun 2021
Debbie, i have quite a few of your birds decorating my home and really enjoy them - they are so life like!! Can't wait to see more of your dog paintings - love that Bulldog you did - just perfect!
Judy Cameron - 28 Apr 2021
fantastic stuff. i really like all the art. Very natural
Brian Noad - 20 Apr 2021
You are such a talented Lady.Loved viewing your posted pieces.
kathleen tatham - 9 Apr 2021
Excellent website Debbie. Well done! I will visit it often and pass it to friends. Rose Farrelly - April 6, 2021
Rose Farrelly - 6 Apr 2021
Your home page is perfect! I smiled as soon as it opened. Well done.
Sunny Mills - 2 Apr 2021
Awesome work Debbie! Can't wait to see more.
karen snyder - 31 Mar 2021
Your paintings are taking me places. So worm and inviting. There is this wonderful balance of stillness and action in a single moment that radiates form your portraits. Bravo!
Svetlana - 29 Mar 2021
Very impressive paintings in subject and technique.
Gary Faulkner - 28 Mar 2021
Wow Deb, I didn’t realize that you are so talented! My favourites were the kid with the funky hair and the one with the tree by the water. Very cool!
Katherine Caron - 28 Mar 2021
Website looks fabulous! Love your work.
Donna Gordon - 27 Mar 2021
Fabulous work! I love your vibrant colours. Your images leap off the surface. Well done.
Marilyn Walsh - 26 Mar 2021
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