Debbie Parrott

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Debbie, i have quite a few of your birds decorating my home and really enjoy them - they are so life like!! Can't wait to see more of your dog paintings - love that Bulldog you did - just perfect!
Judy Cameron - 28 Apr 2021
fantastic stuff. i really like all the art. Very natural
Brian Noad - 20 Apr 2021
You are such a talented Lady.Loved viewing your posted pieces.
kathleen tatham - 9 Apr 2021
Excellent website Debbie. Well done! I will visit it often and pass it to friends. Rose Farrelly - April 6, 2021
Rose Farrelly - 6 Apr 2021
Your home page is perfect! I smiled as soon as it opened. Well done.
Sunny Mills - 2 Apr 2021
Awesome work Debbie! Can't wait to see more.
karen snyder - 31 Mar 2021
Your paintings are taking me places. So worm and inviting. There is this wonderful balance of stillness and action in a single moment that radiates form your portraits. Bravo!
Svetlana - 29 Mar 2021
Very impressive paintings in subject and technique.
Gary Faulkner - 28 Mar 2021
Wow Deb, I didn’t realize that you are so talented! My favourites were the kid with the funky hair and the one with the tree by the water. Very cool!
Katherine Caron - 28 Mar 2021
Website looks fabulous! Love your work.
Donna Gordon - 27 Mar 2021
Fabulous work! I love your vibrant colours. Your images leap off the surface. Well done.
Marilyn Walsh - 26 Mar 2021
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