Debbie Parrott

Debbie Parrott





I am primarily a self taught artist living in the Toronto area and have been painting and drawing since I was quite young.  I paint mostly in acrylic but I enjoy dabbling with watercolour incorporating pen and ink.  Lately I have also been experimenting with mixed media.  I look at art like a personal journey and I never know where it's going to take me.

I love being out in the natural world where I feel content and at peace.  That is probably why I enjoy painting from nature and what I observe on my walks.  Birds in particular always seem to have their own little personalities.  I guess the same could be said for painting people and objects that catch my eye and interest me in some way.   I don't  limit myself to just painting one thing.  A painting needs to create a memory or emotion for me, and in turn I hope it does the same for someone else.




Member of The Art Guild of Scarborough

Member of Beach Guild of Fine Art



Received People's Choice Award at Beach Guild of Fine Art for "Swan"

Received "Arthur Award" (first place) for the Arthur Awards at Art Guild of Scarborough for "Old Friend"

Received Honourable Mention for the Arthur Awards at Art Guild of Scarborough for "Leaving the Louvre"

Received Merit Award at Art Guild of Scarborough for "Keeping Watch"